Professional Practice 44ad Bath

I think it’s fair to say as a group we embarked on our 44ad show (in Bath) with a certain amount of excitement, expectation and optimism. After visiting the gallery, meeting the owner and taking in Baths other galleries it’s clear to see Bath compared to Weston possesses a vastly improved footfall, culture and would encourage a clientele with the potential to buy or enjoy art.

We used our time better by keeping the poster design minimal and with fewer changes from the one we used for our previous exhibition because as a group we quickly became distant from the whole process as we didn’t feel fully involved last time around and it took up to much time with little reward. We still encountered some problems from before however, because even though we possessed a fliers/poster design early (complete with foreword from course leader Terence) these were still not actioned in time to market our show. A banner attached to railings outside the venue could have drawn people in by not just highlighting our show but also letting people know theres a gallery there, instead we had to make do with a small weighted sign to place outside, on the corner which carried little impact.

Below was our final agreed design for the poster.

We didn’t utilise our online presence either because after the event it was found that when you clicked on our bit there wasn’t any info, artist’s bios etc.

Overall I felt the upstairs of the show was curated well when I attended with a friend for the private view. It had a nice flow to it, though the printed works were of a high quality it seemed a bit ‘samey’ almost like a house style and considering it was meant to be a second years show it had become a showcase for the third year students work. With many showing 3, sometimes 4 pieces of work.

The downstairs part of the show (in my opinion) didn’t possess the same flow and impact as upstairs

Which unfortunately for me was where my one piece deemed admissable was hung 

where my other one was rejected 

Teamwork and delegation was not a problem due to people who were organisers last time doing so again and quite successfully. Where others, once again did little to get involved. This meant the usual people had to go above and beyond to ensure the event was executed in a professional manner.
Funding once again was taken care of through the College as per transportation of works, hiring the gallery, others in the group pitched in together to provide cakes and refreshments for the private view.

I’m terms of time lining? Getting works ready I think the whole group were in a good place, with everyone having at least one piece thanks to-i would suggest our experience of Loves Cafe and seeing what’s expected. As Bath was the latter exhibition, coming later it gave us more time to get artworks made and we could also utilise slightly older, previously made works, including preparatory pieces. Enough time was allotted and the organisation was good, the media and advertisement side of things could have been better executed though it was in place. Personal statements went out the window, preferred instead was an overall intro to the show, outlining the course we are on and it’s ethos, seemingly more concerned with marketing the course than highlighting us as up and coming visual artisrs as was first implied. Away from college i could learn much from these exhibitions negatives and otherwise and I would definitely think twice before working with so many people because there’s to many voices with differing motivations.