Charlie Ghost (English, b. 1980) is a painter, illustrator and print maker practising primarily in ink and acrylic, as well as oil paints and multi-media.  Originally from Southmead in Bristol, he studied with the University of the Arts London, receiving his Foundation diploma with Distinction.  He is currently working towards an additional degree in Contemporary Art and Professional Studies.

Charlie is a versatile artist who likes to experiment with different mediums and techniques.  His confident, definitive hand and linear style see him designing predominantly in Tattoo-esque and Street Art styles, often incorporating humour and dark iconographies into his work.  In 2007-08, he completed a Tattoo apprenticeship, studying under Enzo Inzagghi in Bolzano, Italy and was awarded a design internship with Clark’s Shoes designing Men’s footwear for their Autumn 2016 line.  Charlie has since exhibited his work in galleries and group shows, sold prints across the South West of England and abroad, and has submitted successful designs for multiple clothing brands.  Charlie is actively seeking the right representation in London.

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