Yr 3 Ba Hons-Media Commision 

I was approached through the HE Media Tutor to see if her students could commision me to do a design towards there forthcoming end of year show. Introductions were made and after the team showed me a short publicity film they produced I set about speaking to them to ascertain what they required and how I could best facilitate this.

I quickly arrived at an initial design having fortunately already posessing a pre-existing older tattoo design I’d been sitting on.

Taking this initial design I developed it further to suit the media students needs. Further adding hand drawn text in line with the clients wants.

They were happy with the results

I sent them an invoice after completing the work in an extremely timely manner, well within the deadline and I’m awaiting payment to date.


  • I was glad to be given the opportunity to see a commission through to it’s completion, After not achieving this in my previous two commision having to stop after the billing stage.
  • All 3 commision suited my work, but this 1 more so was the easiest for me as it’s perhaps closest to what I typically design.
  • Negatives
  • I potentially could’ve billed them for more money but didn’t because were at the same school, there students and I didn’t charge a design fee or allow for materials etc as well as giving them a couple of hours free aswell.

Future ambition 

Between this style of design work and murals I reckon I could successfully achieve a career as a type of freelance Artist who’s potential to take on an array of art jobs. I could supplement this work by selling prints and paintings on line or better still through gallery representation.


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