Fda yr2 Professional Practice Work Placement(s) Reflection

Post Office Mural Commision.

Contacted through the College I was asked to engage in a commission for a local post office, to make design’s for the two external walls based around the post office and local landmarks. making motifs featuring local coastguard, piece, donkeys etc. these would be sprayed onto board using stencils, with the client to affix the boards himself

I made a quick sketch even before seeing these walls/or meeting the client to show initiative and my style

After liaising with the client I was able to get an idea what he required and I began formulating my ideas around his instruction.

I made this visual mock up to inform the client of scale and my intentions. Further along the process I made a smaller scale mock up on a canvas, which I spray painted to show the client what the finish/look of the piece would be if finished.

With the design given the go ahead I set about considering my costing which included talking with my Tutors, sourcing spray paint, getting quoted and working out a timeline etc.

This was  completed and the billing instruction was delivered to the client. At the time of this post I am yet to hear back as to whether I can proceed with actioning this commissioned mural work 


  • Opportunity to launch a design and fulfil a brief and I gained a better idea of costing and time lining
  • Raised my confidence regards liaising with a client face to face, I felt I worked professionally and have a better understanding of what to expect should I get a chance to do this kindv work again

If I could have had the chance to execute the final work it possibly would’ve led to further commissioned work thanks to the exposure I would have gained through media opportunity and people seeing my work in situ.


  • Communication wasn’t great thanks to my inability to record the clients contact email correctly
  • It’s hard to convey your imaginings for the work if your client doesn’t have any imagination and is confused on what he wants to achieve aesthetically 
  • After receiving my costing instructions the client hasn’t given me the green light to begin work. Which is frustrating because iv put a lot of effort and resource without recompense and I believe the project would’ve looked good on completion and I believe he was getting a good deal.
  • Because I haven’t completed the work it feels like an opportunity post with which to get my work seen in public, by a wide audience which in turn could have attracted further commissioned work from other prospective clients.                                   
  • Ambitions
  • I’d like to continue to take on further commissioned work and will look in the future at other opportunities. I feel in the future I could be successful working as a freelance muralist.

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