Fda yr2 Professional Practice Work Placement(s) Reflection Hospital Commision 

After the College was contacted by the Matron from the local hospital rehab ward asking if they could commision some art from students myself and another student (Beth-a 3rd year) became involved, (later to include Aemon-also 3rd year). After a few emails myself and Beth went to the ward to meet our client and view the spaces they potentially wanted designs for, after a brief intro from my tutor Libby we came away from this meeting and set about designing potential works adhering to thier brief/wishes. I knew early on I’d be keen to collaborate with Aemon on a big mural along the corridor alongside maybe 2 or 3 ‘stand alone pieces.

Several meetings were arranged and attended and on receiving feedback from the client concerning tweaking the design for some pieces they were given the green light.

So I began alongside Beth to produce our costing, which we broke down, itemized and emailed to the client.


Although once again I am left waiting to hear back as to whether I can proceed with actioning this commission.


  • A good communication was adopted throughout and at timely intervals
  • Ideas were formulated fast so I accrued an abundance of potential works which could’ve been utilised by the client. In fact they mentioned they’d be keen on further design work from myself.
  • I kept to agreed timelines, attended all meeting promptly and conducted myself professionally, ensuring a good working relationship with the client.
  • I worked well collaboratively with the 3rd years and felt empowered as the lead of this group, which sat well with me.     
  • Negatives 
  • Didn’t get the oppurtunity-as it stands to see the work through to completion.


As with the post office commision I can see a future avenue for me to explore a moralist route into employment, working on spaces exterior and interior in larger scale suits me. Though I will look to get money up front for my design work not Like these two.

I could potentially contact other hospitals to see if they would consider commissioning works from  me as well as approaching vetinary practices, especially as I’ve already been in contact with one and received feedback that a local practice could be interested in discussing some work with me, off the back of my design work which didn’t get hung at our Bath show-44AD.


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