New piece, born out’v frustration

Started working on this, oil on canvas cimposition which was borne out’v my frustration with my failed self portrait attempt after ‘glazegate’ and perceived  failings at oil painting in general…recently been having that “i cant be fucked with oil painting” talk…”I’m gonna go back to using acrylics n jus printing  n shit!!”.

But still I persist…it’s not that I don’t enjoy oil paint…I do!…it’s just a bastard, cruel mistress that doesn’t want to lend me it’s secret anytime soon haha.

Rant over, I like this work iv began because it began without intentention, complete free will in an ode to my battle with oil painting I daubed a canvass in red and started jus making and playing and genreally did something to help me stop being pissed off:-)

…then realised that I’d constructed a very busy, elaborate scene, with multiple light sources and somehow I would have to execute it in oil paints!!!aaaagh..this is my lament.


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