New piece, born out’v frustration

Started working on this, oil on canvas cimposition which was borne out’v my frustration with my failed self portrait attempt after ‘glazegate’ and perceived  failings at oil painting in general…recently been having that “i cant be fucked with oil painting” talk…”I’m gonna go back to using acrylics n jus printing  n shit!!”. But still I … More New piece, born out’v frustration

Self portrait (take2)

So, after ruining the progress of my first self portrait attempt thanks to my glazing fresh oil paints incident I bravely gave it another go…reworking that which could be salvaged and reinterpreting all else. I’m glad I didn’t abandoned it because it shows how far I’ve come as an artist, before if I didn’t feel … More Self portrait (take2)

Other places of interest I visited in Shoreditch 

Aswell as enjoying the abundant street art on offer in Shoreditch I visited a few other galleries, fostering links and attended an Arts fair organised by artists. it was a good chance to network and talk directly with other artist’s who are perhaps a little further along in thereliance career than myself. it was an … More Other places of interest I visited in Shoreditch 

Self Portrait 

To help enable me to get better with portraiture and to practice noses (my nemisis) my Leturer suggested I should have a go at a self portrait. Other than the one time I did me, in a Judge Dredd style scene when I was 13 in GCSE art this would be my first self portrait. … More Self Portrait 

Living the High Life Vintage Meth heads.

Iv developed an original drawing I’d done and taken it into print, the previous drawing/idea was very simple and really only featured the rudimentary outlines but after introducing tone and interest through cross hatchin and thickened black areas^lines I created an image I could work with to screen print. I exposed my image, mixed my … More Living the High Life Vintage Meth heads.

Noses study

In my quest to gain better understanding of how to create better looking noses iv become interested in lookin at there construction and also how other artists execute this complex hinderence that is cropping up more and more in my work. Along with drawing and painting noses i an looking at You tube and Pinterest … More Noses study