Legs – Woodcut

This is my initial print from a wood cut plate I carved. I was happy with some elements of the peice eg strong white and black contrast and how the ink picked up some of the grain from the plate/board. However I wasnt keen onthe overall look because some lines were lost through my unfamilirarity … More Legs – Woodcut

Winged Tooth

This is my initial test print from a dry point etching i did. I’m drawn to the print like qualities and I was happy with the strength of line i acheived. I’ve since revisited this plate, adding further etching, utilising further techniques including stop out through Strawhat to provide a background.    

Flash Sheet

This is a print taken from the second etching I’d done. It was acheived by engraving into a plastic plate using a sharp knitting needle type implement and after adding ink and removing the surface ink using skrim I put it through the press. I enjoy seein my imagery in print and I feel this … More Flash Sheet

Evolution of an Icon

This is my Jesus triptych themed acrylic painting on board which I painted to show the workings behind a ‘final image’. It was inspired by our philosophy lectures and Nietzches thoughts on ‘killing religion’ whilst incorporating some of what I’d learnt through life drawing exercises.

Poppy Colaboration

This peice was a collaboration between me and one of my peers from second year, she mainly illustrates things from the natural world in a botanical analytical style. She let my redo her linear illustration which i then transferred to acetate before overlaying this over some loose inked tones. This is then scanned/ photocopied on … More Poppy Colaboration

Roses Legs

  This peice is painted on canvas using acrylic,apart from the background which is sprayed and lined using ink. Ive gone on to using elements from this original design and taken it through to print via woodprint and engraving this image onto a plate by using a tattoo machine. My Lecturer turned me onto a … More Roses Legs

Gold digger

This is my first attempt proper at making a design using photoshop. I made this photo montage by fusing two images together, reducing the opacity of the figure panning for gold.I  was reasonably pleased with the results and I  feel it is a tool which I could benefit from greatly…now I must learn to use … More Gold digger